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2.0ml 96 Round-Well Storage Plate Nunc DeepWell No. 95040452

Model Number:  P-2.0-RDA-96
Classification:  Laboratory Plastic Plate
Customized Support:  OEM, ODM
Brand Name:  A-Gen
Place of Origin:  Zhejiang, China
Volume:  2.0mL
Size:  127.8*85.5*43.9mm
Material:  Polypropylene
Color:  Natural Clear
Keyword:  2.0ml Nunc DeepWell Plate
Usage:  Laboratory Storage Plate Reaction Plate
Application:  Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits
MOQ:  50 Pcs/Case
Certification:  ISO13485  CE
  • P-2.0-RDA-96
  • A-Gen
  • 392690

Product Description

Laboratory 2.0ml 96 Round-Well Storage Plate Nunc DeepWell No. 95040452 - SBS Standards EN ISO13485

A-Gen P-DW-20-C-S-IND Round Deep Well 96-Well x 2000 microliter Storage Microplate with Rectangular Round Bottom Wells, Clear PP, Sterile or Individually-Wrapped (50 Plates/Case), medical laboratory consumables



Name2.0ml Nunc DeepWell Plate
ColorNatural Clear
Well number96 Well
Well shapeRound Well
Bottom shapeU shape
Well Volume1.0mL/2.0mL
Well IdentifierAlphabetical/figure sorting
StandardSBS - American National Standards (ANSI) (ANSI/SBS 1-2004)
Individual warpoptional
Count unitplate
Quantity10 pcs/pack, 5 packs/carton; 24 pcs/pack, 4 packs/carton
Sealing methodAdhesive sealing film, Heat sealable film, Silicone sealing mat

No.Product Features
  1Microplanes can be stored under subzero temperature from -40 to -80℃
  2Maximum sustainable centrifuge force 4000g
  3Autoclavable at 20Psi, 121℃ for 20 minutes.Great heating uniformity
  4Minimum residual liquid; low heavy metal content
  5Used high quality, imported PP material for high stability, ensuring no chemical reactions with test reagents. Compatible with DMSO and inert to water
  6Certified DNase/RNase and Pyrogen Free
  7Conformed to international SBS Standards
  8Three options for plate sealing: adhesive seals, mat caps, and heat seals
  9Good flatness, can be transported for long distance after sealing by heat sealable film
 10Produced and packed in Class 100,000 clean workshop
 11Alphabetical sorting and cut angle mark for convenient tracking of samples
 12Each package has a separate article number/batch number identification, facilitating the quality tracking

A-Gen polypropylene 96 round well rectangular plate is specially designed for high throughput screening, sample collection, compound storage, compound libraries, and combinatorial chemistry applications. The unique round-U geometry maximizes volume while reducing the tendency for crystal "creep" common in square-well plates. The robust construction of the plates makes them ideal for robotic handling and allows them to withstand centrifuging up to 4000g.

2.0ml Nunc DeepWell Plates can be used for the reaction storage plates for compounds, samples or biomolecules.

Round U-bottom plate is designed to reduce liquid residue. Polypropylene construction offers a low binding surface to prevent samples from sticking to side walls. It is very suitable to be used as collecting plate of Nunc filter plate.



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